Our Background

With over 20 years experience in IT and a passion for new technologies, Red Manta engage with clients both small and large from all business sectors.  There's nothing we enjoy more than finding new solutions to old problems and helping our clients find new ways of working.

 Whether you need support, advice, implementations or pilots for your users, we can get you where you need to be, together. consultancy

Our Approach

The world of IT can be a confusing place and even we're constantly learning how find our way around.  We aim to remove the jargon as much as possible to make things just that little bit less confusing for everyone.

We believe in helping clients get the best from the services available.  At Red Manta, we don't spend time designing for services you don't need but aim to get you up and running as soon as possible to see what works for you. consultancy microsoft office 365

Office 365 & Azure AD offer a number of tools to aid productivity and keep your data safe.  Below is just a small set of our available services to help you fully utilise the Microsoft cloud platform.

Office 365 Services

Cloud computing services and technology

Get your users working smarter with Office 365 services such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. microsoft office 365 consultancy Azure

Tenant Assessments

Woman holding a pencil completing checklist on clipboard.

Give your existing tenant some TLC with an assessment is the first step to remediating security gaps and configuration issues.

Content Migrations

File transfer. Two folders transferred documents. Copy files, data exchange, backup, PC migration

Move your existing content from Exchange, Google, on-premises SharePoint platforms and files shares to Office 365. microsoft office 365

Azure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Two step authentication illustration, flat cartoon smartphone and computer safety login or sign-in,

Usernames and passwords alone are no longer enough to prevent unwanted access to your company's data.

Azure AD Conditional Access (CA)

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Add extra protection by allowing access to Office 365 applications only when users are able to meet desired conditions. microsoft office 365

Device Management

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Protect your company’s data on corporate owned and personal devices by implementing Device Management with Microsoft Intune. Azure microsoft office 365

Azure AD Services

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With access to on-premises applications, Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities with AAD Connect and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR), Azure AD has many services to offer.

RETENTION & Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

GDPR protector. Smiling cartoon character with a shield in front of the screen showing GDPR letters.

Ensure your business data stays safe and compliant by preventing loss and retaining data only when needed. 

Training & Education


Confused about technology?  Need to get your teams collaborating and working smarter?  We can provide workshops or training sessions to keep you and your staff in the know. consultancy