Azure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

  Usernames and passwords alone are no longer enough to prevent unwanted access to your company’s data. 

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The independent website haveibeenpwned details almost 8 Billion accounts which have been subject to data breaches from companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook and MyFitnessPal. Users without password managers such as LastPass often re-use email addresses and passwords for multiple websites and applications. 

With Azure MFA enabled for your environment, users and guests can be required to provide additional verification when logging in to cloud services, increasing the security and preventing access when usernames and passwords are discovered by external parties. 

The following methods of providing verification are currently available with the Azure MFA service;

  • Call to phone
  • Text message to phone
  • Notification through mobile app
  • Verification code from mobile app or hardware token

Microsoft’s free Authenticator app is available for both Android and Apple devices and can be used to respond to notifications or provide codes to the MFA service for authentication. For devices registered with a company’s tenant, the authentication app can be used instead of a password to make access to Office 365 and Azure services even simpler.

Red Manta can help protect unwanted access to Office 365 services including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams by configuring Azure MFA.

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Azure MFA User Setup Guide

Our unbranded Azure MFA User Setup Guide is available to help your users setup Azure MFA options once enabled.  This free downloadable guide can be branded and adapted for your company and includes generic screenshots with company names removed.

Azure MFA User Setup Guide (docx)