Content Migrations

  Simplify your data storage by migrating data to Office 365 and reduce the reliance on other platforms and maintaining expensive on-premises server.

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Migrate emails from various messaging platforms including Exchange Server, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. Documents can be moved from existing SharePoint Server implementations or from file shares to either SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business.

Starting with an assessment of the content to be moved, Red Manta can determine the best approach and advise on the correct tool for the migration to be a success.  After a pilot migration we will be able to determine the speed and time required to complete the remaining content so that existing platforms can be decommissioned.

For large implementations, we can assist with tool selection for custom migrations and liaise with Microsoft’s FastTrack centre to help move your users data to the cloud.

Already have Content?

We can help move your existing data from other platforms or on-premises infrastructure to Office 365. 

Speak to us about your migration requirements.

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