Retention & DLP

The Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre provides all the tools needed to help administrators control the retention, deletion and distribution of data, keeping your business compliant.

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By creating retention policies, content can be prevented from being deleted before the end of the specified retention period. If configured, a disposition review can be triggered at the end of the period so that content owners can decide if the data needs to be kept for additional time or can be deleted immediately. Retention policies can also be created to automatically delete content at the end of any retention period.

Policies can be applied to all the company’s data or to selected locations such as SharePoint sites and Office 365 groups or individual users in Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business.

For companies with requirements for certain regulatory standards such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17a-4 ,Preservation Locks can be applied to policies to make sure that the policy cannot be changed or removed and that information cannot be deleted, overwritten or updated during the specified policy period. 


With DLP policies, sensitive information for example passport numbers and credit card details are prevented from being accidentally leaked via Office 365 services such as Exchange or SharePoint Online. Within each DLP policy, a condition is specified, and a subsequent action or actions are configured to be enforced if the condition is met. For instance, if content in an email message matches the pattern of a National Insurance number, the email can be blocked from being sent externally.

Office 365 currently has over 100 pre-configured sensitive information types, but administrators can create custom types based on pattern matching or keywords. 

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