365 Assessments

How does your Microsoft 365 measure up if it were built today?

Are you confident in your setup?

Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving with new features and services and it’s easy for a business to miss out on the latest updates and security recommendations. 

Our 365 assessment will make sure everything is configured correctly against todays standards and that you’re making the most of your investment.

After reviewing your setup, we present our summary including recommendations on security improvements, features that are underused and guidance on licencing.

Validate your configuration

Microsoft 365 changes all the time and our assessment will highlight where your environment could be improved against todays best practices.

Review your licences

Licences for Microsoft 365 can be confusing. Our assessment will validate those purchased are suitable for your business needs.

Improve your security

Security features are released constantly and keeping up-to-date can be challenging. Our assessment identifies where your Microsoft 365 security can be improved.

Understand your usage

Microsoft 365 comes with many services which are often underused. Our assessment highlights these and provides advice on how they could be used.

Advice on being compliant

Compliance tools come with many Microsoft 365 licences and our assessment can help identify where these tools can be applied.

Replace other services

Services supplied with most  Microsoft 365 licences can replace third-party tools such as Zoom and DropBox. Our assessment will help identify these to reduce your costs.

Why use us?

With years of experience, we add value to any 365 assessment through: 

Staying informed

All we do is Microsoft 365. That means we understand what's new, what's coming and how your business should be using it.

Understanding your needs

We get to know your business so that our assessment makes sense to you both now and for the future.

Insightful recommendations

Every recommendation we make, we make with good reason and explanation.

Full transparency

We are transparent in everything we do, from our fees to our documentation.

Want us to review your Microsoft 365?