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Are you protecting your data and devices?

With the ability to work from anywhere on almost any device comes additional security risks.  Where previously laptops and desktops where protected by physical security in offices, remote working requires data and devices to be protected in other ways. 

This is where our expertise in Microsoft Endpoint Manager can help bridge the gap.

More control over device access

Understanding which devices have access and where they are being used is key to protecting your customers data and your reputation.

Protect data on personal devices

With many of us using smartphones to access business information, applying protection to business data on personal devices is more important than ever.

Manage updates

Many devices can have updates deployed and controlled centrally ensuring security and feature updates are installed when available.

Configure your business devices

Administration of devices centrally can help bring consistency across your business and reduce the downtime and costs associated with troubleshooting issues.

Protection controls

Alerts can be generated when a devices protection software is out of date or disabled. Access to business data can even be restricted until resolved.

Risk reduction

Business data can be remotely removed from personal devices should they be lost or stolen. Business devices can also be reset for new users.

How does it work?

We take time to discover what your needs are when working with all types of devices to help plan a strategy that works for your business.

We review your existing licencing to highlight gaps on how to meet your device and application management needs.

We design, create and what’s required to protect both business and personal devices as well as onboarding your users and devices.

We supply concise, easy to read documentation with everything we implement making the transition easier for your staff.

Protecting your data and devices doesn't have to be difficult with Microsoft 365.

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