Discovery Session

Want to discover how your business could be working?

We get to know your business so you can understand the possibilities

Microsoft 365 and supporting services has a lot to offer. Often, a business doesn’t utilise it fully and wastes money on other, unnecessary third-party services.

Our Discovery session deep dives into how your business works and how it could be working with Microsoft 365 so that business owners can understand ‘the art of the possible’.

Review your licences

Our Discovery Session evaluates the cloud services your business uses to understand where Microsoft 365 could be used to reduce your costs.

Improve your security

Is your business taking full advantage of the latest security features? Do you understand what’s possible and how your users can be more secure?

Full documented output

We provide you with a full report on how and where your business could replace existing services or improve them with Microsoft 365 tools.

Why use us?

With our extensive knowledge of Microsoft 365 and supporting services, we can help you:

Get your head around licences

Understanding Microsoft 365 licencing is a big task and often, businesses are paying more than they need to for cloud services.

Understand your business

Sometimes a business grows organically and more often than not, our session helps to find pain points and inefficiencies that often go unnoticed.

Understand the potential

Seeing the benefits of using a single set of tools with a single user account helps almost every business more efficient.

Are you ready to discover the possibilities?