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Keeping on top of change is a big undertaking for even the most efficient of businesses.  Whether you have in-house IT or rely on a third-party for support, being proactive usually takes second place to fire fighting. 

With our Proactive Management service, we stay on top of changes so that you don’t have to. Peace of mind without the salary expense.

Stay safe and secure

We track security features and changes industry standards so that we can apply them to your environment helping you stay secure.

Licences and usage

We keep an eye on the licences you’re paying for and the services available so you can be confident you’re making full use of all Microsoft 365 has to offer.

Understand changes

We monitor the updates to services and features so that you don’t have to, planning any changes that need to be implemented to minimise business disruption.

Your questions answered

We’re available to answer your Microsoft 365 product and feature queries. It’s like having a consultant on the payroll without the salary expense.

Regular check-ins

We arrange regular meetings via Microsoft Teams with key staff to stay informed about your business and stay ahead of any potential issues.

One eye on the future

We regularly check the Microsoft 365 roadmap for features that are in development making sure you don’t invest in end of life technologies.

How does it work?

We start with our 365 Assessment to see how your existing environment stacks up against current security and best practice guidelines.

Once we have a baseline of your environment we can plan and make any necessary changes to bring it in alignment with current standards. 

We track and apply any updates to security features to keep your environment and data as safe as possible.

We inform key staff with other upcoming changes and advise if action is required.  Any changes you request we carry out on your behalf will be planned.

For customers utilising device management, we can also monitor protection settings such as firewall and anti-virus for most business owned devices.

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We use all aspects of Microsoft 365 internally and make sure our environment is up-to-date and that we utilise everything the platform has to offer.

That means we’re in a good position to take that experience and help others achieve the same.

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