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Microsoft Purview includes tools to identify sensitive and/or personal data. With the right configuration, we can help with the following:


Identify personal information

Locating and handling personal identifiable information (PII) correctly is the responsibility of all business owners. When setup, Microsoft 365 services make this easy.

Label your important data

For many customers we have created sensitivity labels such as ‘Public’, ‘Confidential’ and ‘Highly-Confidential’ which can be used to classify important files, emails and messages.

Retain and dispose of files

We have helped customers understand and protect data which must never be deleted due to legal restrictions and ensured data is kept only for as long as needed.

Prevent data loss

Keep your customer data and your intellectual property safe by making sure sensitive files, emails and messages cannot be shared externally.

Meet your regulations

We can configure Microsoft 365 to help your business meet any legal, financial or other regulations required by your business sector.

Stay notified

With auditing and alerting, we can make sure you stay up-to-date with any sensitive information or suspicious activity.

How it works

We take time to understand how you currently use Microsoft 365 for your business sector to understand which regulations may or may not be relevant.

We discover and identity any sensitive information which needs to be addressed and plan accordingly.

We can implement any plan with or without help from existing IT support services.

As with everything we do, we supply concise, simple to read documentation making the transition easy for all.

Keeping up with regulations doesn't have to be confusing.

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