Setup and Migration

Getting you ready for success with our setup services and Microsoft 365

Let us start you off right

Running a business can be time consuming and you should not have to worry about the security and setup for your Microsoft 365 services. 

When we setup a Microsoft 365 environment for the first time we ensure we meet security guidelines and if needed can also migrate files from other services to provide some of the following benefits:

Which option suits you?


Our entry level package is perfect for new businesses looking to get things right from the start or for established ones who need help.


For the business that wants more than just the basics. Includes everything in 'Base' plus more to grow your business


Those looking for a more complete setup for their business. Includes everything in 'Build' plus much more.

Why use us?

We have been helping businesses large and small setup and migrate their systems for a while. We offer 

More than just a quick setup

We don't just setup the basics, with our experience in Microsoft 365 we make sure you're set for future growth.

Long track record

We've been working with just Microsoft products for almost 30 years.

Licence advice and guidance

We provide licencing guidance as standard to make sure you're using and more importantly paying for the right tools.

We are proactive

Unlike IT Support companies, we don't wait for you to tell us what you need. We tell you, after all we're the experts.

Everything in one place

Migrating your files, messages and emails into Microsoft 365 makes all your information available in a single location making your access easier.

Simpler protection

Having everything stored in one place reduces the number of usernames and passwords required and helps to protect your data.

Reduced costs and admin

Without the need for third-party services and applications, in many cases licencing costs can be reduced as can the time spent on user setup.

Easy and secure collaboration

Work with colleagues, partners and customers with a range of collaboration tools which we provide guidance on using safely as part of what we do.

Reduce costly hardware

Moving to Microsoft 365 means less need to manage and maintain costly physical servers and backup devices.

Work from almost anywhere

Once we’ve setup your Microsoft 365 environment, your business can operate from any location on almost any device with ease.

Ready to make the move?